Zigber Review – Taking a Close Look at their Offerings

Zigber Review

Zigber logoThe cryptocurrency market has become one of the most popular financial markets in the last few years. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, there has been an influx of people in the digital currency space because it appears to be growing steadily and offers high returns. If you want to tap into the potential of this space, you would obviously need the services of a good exchange and this is where the challenge begins. There are plenty of these to be found and this Zigber review can provide you with some details about one exchange that will pop up in your search.

Based in Estonia and founded by Navasu OU, Zigber has become very popular quickly, operating in more than 34 countries, and this will immediately draw your attention. Nevertheless, you need to take a close look at its offerings to determine its suitability and this review can shed some light on them:

More than 15 currencies supported

Anyone who has heard of cryptocurrencies has obviously heard of Bitcoin. It is the pioneer cryptocurrency and the most valuable in the market today. Therefore, it is a given that you would want to trade it, but it is no longer the only option that exists. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies that can be found and even if not all are viable, there are some that do have a lot of potential. This is where you will really appreciate Zigber because they allow their clients to trade some of the top cryptocurrencies in the market. 

You will find 15 cryptocurrencies at your disposal when you decide to open an account with them. Along with Bitcoin, some of the most lucrative options in the market have been added by Zigber and these include Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and more.  

Zigber homepage

Robust security measures 

One of the biggest concerns that people often have about the crypto space is security. These digital currencies are already anonymous and decentralized in nature, which makes them risky and the cybersecurity threats only add to the concerns. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this when you opt for Zigber because they have taken the security of their clients very seriously and have implemented robust measures for this purpose.

First off, they protect your sensitive and personal data through the use of 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This ensures that no outsiders or third-parties can access your data without proper authorization. Likewise, you will also come to know that Zigber is compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies. These require users to verify their account via proof of identity and proof of address, which minimizes the risk of financial fraud, identity theft and money laundering. 

Along with these features, your funds are kept in segregated accounts at Zigber and this keeps them safe from discrepancies and misappropriation because they are not used for any of the exchange’s own activities.

Top-notch customer support

One of the most striking features that you will come across at Zigber is the dedicated customer support they offer to their clients. The goals of the exchange is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and they accomplish this goal by providing them access to top-notch support through different channels. This ensures that you don’t have to wait for a response, which is an advantage because the crypto market tends to move quickly and even slight delays can be devastating.

You can reach out to the Zigber customer support team 24/5 and do so via email, or a phone number, both of which are given on their website. Plus, they have also given an online contact form on their website, which you can use for scheduling a callback at your convenience. 

Wrapping Up

Along with these offerings, you will also find that Zigber supports innovative payment solutions and has a quick registration process. They also provide advanced tools and excellent trading conditions that make it a good exchange for expanding your crypto portfolio.